Fraxel Before & After: This Non-Surgical Treatment Is Worth It

A before and after image of a woman who received fraxel laser treatment in boston by Dr. William Numa.

Does your skin have fine lines or sun damage? Have you noticed that your face has become less plump as you’ve aged? Over the years, doctors have invented various light-based treatment techniques ranging from bright lights to chemical peels to rejuvenate aging skin. Although older laser skin rejuvenation techniques are effective, they also come with significant downsides such as prolonged redness, lengthy recovery times and sometimes scarring. In our Boston Plastic Surgeon’s office, Fraxel laser is the modern approach to skin rejuvenation with similar effectiveness and a much shorter, safer recovery time that our patients love.

How Does Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment Work?

The Fraxel laser works on the principle of fractional photothermolysis. The laser uses light to selectively heat damage skin cells. This process allows the body to create new cells, rich in collagen, to give the skin a tighter and more youthful appearance. The best part about Fraxel laser treatment in Boston is its short recovery time of what we call “social downtime.” You can wear makeup immediately after receiving the treatment and any residual redness, swelling or peeling will be gone within 5-7 days.

Why Do People Get Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment?

People most commonly get Fraxel laser treatment to combat the appearance of aging. Since the Fraxel laser promotes rapid cell turnover and collagen production, it works extremely well on dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles along with other skin conditions such as acne scars. The Fraxel laser is also an effective treatment for skin discoloration. If skin has been damaged by the sun, creating dark spots (hyperpigmentation) that differs significantly from that of the surrounding skin, then the Fraxel laser can treat it. The laser treats scarring, sun damage and age spots — and it isn’t just for the face. The Fraxel laser can also treat your neck, chest, arms, hands and more.

Why Is Fraxel Dual the Best Laser Skin Treatment?

The Fraxel laser gets its name from the fact that it only treats a small fraction of the skin. The laser beam is so fine that it essentially divides your skin into a tiny grid like the pixels on a smartphone. The laser can target minute areas of the skin while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. That’s the feature that allows the laser to produce such dramatic results with such a short recovery time. The Fraxel laser produces a result that’s comparable to what doctors could achieve with the previous generation of laser therapies. With the older type of laser, though, you could expect to deal with peeling, blistering, redness and swelling for several days up to several weeks. The day after you receive Fraxel laser treatment, you’ll look like you’ve just enjoyed an afternoon in the Newbury Street sun.

What Is The Fraxel Dual Laser?

The Fraxel Dual Laser uses two different types of lasers — erbium and thulium — to target the skin at different depths. Compared to single Fraxel laser, the dual laser can remove unwanted pigment from the skin — such as port wine stains, dark age spots and tattoos — with less treatment sessions.