Botox Treatments In Boston: With A Trusted & Experienced Plastic Surgeon

There can be a few common misconceptions about Botox Treatment. Dr. William Numa – The Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Boston, MA will be the first to tell you that sophisticated injectors can preserve people’s facial expressions while softening the appearance of their wrinkles. Botox treatments can carefully modulate facial movement selectively while relaxing over active muscle groups. When done properly, you can feel comfortable that this achieves a natural appearance with pleasant facial expressions.

Botox can help relax muscular activity so that wrinkles and fine lines between the brows, the forehead and the squint (“crow’s feet”) lines around the eyes can be softened or eliminated. Patients can even have a “non-surgical browlift” with selective use of Botox® around the eyebrows, lifting the brow to achieve a gentle arch.

After an initial consultation in our Boston office, we will work with you to determine the best custom treatment plan for you.

Botox Procedure, Process and Cost in Boston: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to learn more about different Botox procedures? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide covering the full journey—procedure, process, and pricing.  Learn more about the essentials, curated for your convience.

What Is Botox?

Enter the realm of beauty innovation with Botulinum toxin type A, more commonly known as Botox Cosmetic—an intriguing neurotoxin that works through injections. Although there are competitors, it’s the intricate subtleties in toxin formulation that make Botox Cosmetic such a standout.

Botox Cosmetic is the very first toxin to receive FDA approval as a treatment to correct fine lines and wrinkles. This revolutionary achievement has thrust Botox  into the forefront of noninvasive aesthetic procedures across the country and made it one of the most popular ways that patients address the visual signs of aging.

Treatment Areas for the Botox Procedure

Botox is commonly used to enhance the appearance of the face and neck, areas where signs of aging like wrinkles and lines tend to appear. The process of Botox is also employed for specific muscle-related issues in different parts of the body. It’s even an effective solution for dealing with excessive sweating.

When it comes to priority spots, the face and neck are most areas where we are asked for treatment as they are the places where wrinkles and fine lines develop. Commonly found facial areas where Botox gets injected include:

  • Forehead Lines
  • Frown Lines (Glabeller Lines)
  • Crow’s Feet (around the eyes)
  • “Chemical Brow Lift”
  • Bunny Lines (Top of the Nose)
  • Chin Dimpling or Orange Peel Chin
  • Masseter Muscle (Jawline Slimming)
  • Neckbands (Platysmal Bands)

How Long Does Botox Last?

Treatments with Botox usually last about three to four months, and as patients continue their treatments, the treatment interval between treatments can sometimes increase.

How Much Does Botox Cost In Boston?

Recognizing the significance of financial considerations in any treatment, we prioritize openness and clarity in our approach. Ensuring our patients are well-informed about anticipated costs before intervention is a fundamental aspect of our practice.

When navigating decisions related to your procedure, it’s important to note that Botox Cosmetic treatments are typically not covered by insurance when pursued purely for aesthetic reasons.

As each individual possesses unique attributes and features, scheduling a consultation with Dr. William Numa is essential. This personalized session will facilitate an in-depth evaluation and enable him to offer a tailored quote for the cost of your procedure. Through this consultation, Dr. Numa can meticulously assess your specific needs and develop a comprehensive plan.

Botox Consultations In Our Boston Office With Dr. William Numa

During your preliminary consultation in our medical office with a med spa environment, Dr. William Numa will learn about your aesthetic concerns, review the unique characteristics of your face, and then you’ll decide jointly which medical aesthetic goals should and can be realistically accomplished in order to leave you happy with your results.

Botox Treatment – Before and After

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