Why Consider Earlobe Repair?

  • Saggy earlobes from years of wearing heavy earrings
  • Unsightly earlobes from improper prior piercing technique
  • Natural congenital deformities in the shape and size of the earlobes
  • Traumatic injury to one or both earlobes
  • Enlarged piercings from intentionally stretching or gauging

How To Repair A Torn Earlobe

Can a ripped earlobe be repaired? Yes.

Earlobe repairs are in-office procedures performed under local anesthesia.  Once the area has been sufficiently numbed, Dr. Numa will remove a portion of the earlobe skin and then suture the earlobe together. Incisions are typically created in a natural fold or crease to lessen the appearance of long term scarring.  In most cases, the resulting scar is not apparent to the casual observer.

Earlobe Repair Healing Process

The recovery following earlobe reduction surgery is relatively easy. After surgery, Dr. Numa will place a small amount of medical tape over the sutures to protect them. Ears should be kept dry and exercise should be avoided for 48 hours. After one week, sutures will be removed and a small piece of medical tape will be applied to the earlobe to further protect it.  Once the earlobe has fully healed in about 6 weeks, re-piercing can be done using small stud earrings

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Earlobe Repair, OtoplastyEarlobe Repair, Otoplasty

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