Injectable Dermal Fillers Procedures

There are a number of options available when selecting injectable fillers. Even FDA-approved injectable products have differing safety profiles and track records. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Numa only utilizes facial fillers with an excellent safety profile, thereby minimizing patient risk.

Natural-Appearing Results

A natural-appearing outcome depends on the injection technique and the utilization of appropriately selected injectable products for the particular condition and individual being treated. This is why your consultation is crucial. Working with Dr. Numa closely will allow him to determine things like certain skin types that often have improved results when specific types of facial fillers are used.

Facial Filler Philosophy

We believe in adhering to a conservative mindset while delivering facial fillers. Many physicians inject facial fillers these days. In spite of the cliché, there is an art to the successful delivery of injectable facial fillers. In this case, less is more. With the appropriate application of facial fillers, the entire face and persona appears younger, the face is balanced, and the person undergoing the injection appears more refreshed.

Lip augmentation, lip fillers and lip injections require a particularly conservative approach, and can help efface the lines of expression around the aging lips. We have an informative article that answers any questions you may have about lip enhancement with Dr. Numa that can be found here: CLICK TO READ

During your preliminary consultation, Dr. Numa will learn about your aesthetic concerns, review the unique characteristics of your face, and then you’ll decide jointly which aesthetic goals should and can be realistically accomplished.

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