Scar Revision Procedures

The goal is of any scar revision is to improve the appearance of the scar either by disguising it, relocating it, or minimizing its prominence. This is because there is no way to remove scars completely. However Dr. Numa has deep experience and knowledge with the types different plastic surgery techniques that surround scar revision.

Skin color and type, age, and the type of scarring, are all important factors that must be part of the discussion prior to surgery. Different types of scars respond to different plastic surgery techniques. A keloid scar will react differently from an acne scar in treatment making it key to talk through goals, evaluate the skin and formulating a plan. Generally scar revision involves removing the scar tissue entirely. However,  minimally invasive techniques in our Boston office may suffice.

Another key component for scar treatment is timing. Often times we recommend waiting up to one year following an injury before any surgical interventions take place. This interval allows the body enough time to heal fully.

During your preliminary consultation, Dr. Numa will learn about your aesthetic concerns, review the unique characteristics of your skin and scar concerns, and then you’ll decide jointly which aesthetic goals should and can be realistically accomplished.

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